Belief control I: manipulation

The trick about manipulationHaving read my book or the corresponding paper (2007/11/09 UPDATE: latest version here) you will know how I see believe control as the most effective way of manipulation. Well – seems that at least one cartoonist agrees with me. Look what I found on reddit this morning:

“The people must believe that they are not being manipulated in order for them to be manipulated effectively.”

However I would like to add that a conscious manipulator as depicted in the image is far less effective than someone who does not even perceive him or herself as being a self serving manipulator in the framework of whatever internal rationalization there might exist.

I would argue that an extraordinary ability for manipulating others paired with self deception in combination with a set of misguided personal believes has cause more suffering in the world than anything else. For those are the false prophets that can rally the masses for war – and for the wrong reasons at that.

Remember – you are not lying when you believe it to be true.

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