Categorical imperative

8 hours of research later and sooner than I thought I am getting closer to the solution. Turns out that Immanuel Kant had some deep insights into morality in his time. Consider his rather famous categorical imperative:

“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”

That is what a rational morality would have to be grounded in. Unfortunately however, Kant did not provide such a maxim that would satisfy his imperative. Intuitively and based on previous rational analysis I shall assume the following maxim as basis for rational morality:

Ensure continued co-existence

Exploring the concept of rational morality further would clearly break the intended scope of Jame5 and thus I will continue my exploration of the issue on

Hope to see you there. This blog will remain active for Jame5 related updates.

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Rational morality

Having had the opportunity to sleep over my previous post on resolving moral paradoxes I woke up attempting to find a best fit description for the concept that started to build in my mind on how to rationally decide ethical questions. The result was ‘rational morality’ – intuitively a contradiction but Google turned up quite a bit on the subject and so did Amazon.

Intuitively it seems to be matching my thoughts closely and so I will have to submerge myself into what all those before me have thought on the subject before making an attempt to develop the concept further. Until then it will become more quite around here.

Looking forward to be back soon.