AI research is progressing in line with MST model of cognitive evolution

Having read Jame5 you will appreciate my excitement over the news that AI startup Vicarious is focusing on training its AGI to be more imaginative:

“Life would be pretty dull without imagination. In fact, maybe the biggest problem for computers is that they don’t have any. That’s the belief motivating the founders of Vicarious, an enigmatic AI company backed by some of the most famous and successful names in Silicon Valley. Vicarious is developing a new way of processing data, inspired by the way information seems to flow through the brain. The company’s leaders say this gives computers something akin to imagination, which they hope will help make the machines a lot smarter.”

Applying the MST model of cognitive evolution we can outline AI development as following:

Control of Position = Movement -> Industrial Robots (1975)
Control of Movement = Simple Reflex -> Roomba (2002)
Control of Simple Reflex = Complex Reflex -> Curiosity Rover (2010)
Control of Complex Reflex = Associative Learning -> Watson (2011) & Deep Mind (2016)
Control of Associative Learning = Imagination -> Vicarious (~201?)
Control of Imagination = Thought -> ???? (~20??)

How much longer before truly creative AGI emerges from this trend?

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