Distributed brain simulation effort taking shape

In a recent story on the Singularity Hub Aaron Saenz laid out the basic tenant behind Intelligence Realm‘s artificial intelligence project. In a nutshell IR is using the BIONC architecture to create neural brain simulations. What distinguishes them from IBM’s Blue Brain initiative, is the distributed nature of their approach. Where IBM is throwing big iron at the problem, IR is using idle processor cyclces of thousands of volunteers and is thus following in teh foot steps of such successful BOINC projects as SETI@Home as well as Foldong@Home.

From the article:

If someone considers the development of artificial intelligence impossible or too far into the future to care about, I can only tell him or her, “Embrace the inevitable”. The advances in the field of neuroscience are increasing rapidly. Scientists are thorough. Understanding its benefits and pitfalls is all that is needed.

Hear, hear – my thoughts exactly. There is just one tiny little detail that raised my eyebrows about the project:

Well…, we will not be able to provide full details about the entire project because we are pursuing a business model, so that we can support the project in the future, so there is little chance of a collaboration with a University or other research institution.

Of course this was bound to happen…

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