What is Jame5?

Having been introduced to the concept of the Singularity by reading the works of such brilliant authors as Ray Kurzweil and Charles Stross about 2 years ago I started to wonder how a super intelligent artificial intelligence would reason about good and evil. The result is the book “Jame5 – A Tale of Good and Evil”.

Jame5 is a “Sophie’s World” for futurists and singularitarians in which I take you trough a hard take off technical singularity with all its philosophical consequences. What is good and what is evil? Where are we coming from and where are we going? What are happiness and the meaning of life? What do prophets have in common with dictators? All of these questions and more are being touched in Jame5 and in the end form my very personal description of the world and the future.

“Guido is an IT professional based in a Beijing that is in the midst of gearing up for the 2008 Olympic Games. His life takes a sudden turn, as his best friend Alecz reveals to him that he is at the center of an international effort to create a strong artificial general intelligence and nothing in his life is as he has always believed.”

The book can be downloaded directly from this blog as PDF and will be published under the creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license real soon now 😉

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