“Jame5 like desert without the guilt”

I took the liberty to send a couple of books to Future Salon Moderators around the world. As a result I got this 5 star Amazon review from Miguel F. Aznar, Director of Education for the Foresight Nanotech Institute:

“While bringing the pleasure of storytelling, Jame5 is abundantly informed by theories of the Singularity, natural selection, and psychology. It’s like desert without the guilt because I learned while relaxing into the fine, captivating narrative.”

Thanks, Miguel! Appreciate it.


“CyberLover” passes as human

From news.com:

A program that can mimic online flirtation and then extract personal information from its unsuspecting conversation partners is making the rounds in Russian chat forums, according to security software firm PC Tools.

Roughtype.com chips in as well:

Could it be that the Turing Test has finally been beaten – by a sex machine, no less – and that a true artificial intelligence is on the loose? Maybe so, but, as I indicate in the title to this post, this breakthrough will, like Barry Bonds’s homer record, have to carry an asterisk.

Ironic yet thought provoking…


Released: Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems

As Eric Drexler puts it:

I’m pleased to report that the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems has finally been released. This marks the completion of the first broad, multidisciplinary effort to explore how current laboratory techniques for atomically precise fabrication can be extended, step by step, toward increasingly advanced products and capabilities.

The roadmap specifies the time until macro scale atomically precise productive nanosystem (APPN) arrays will appear to be in the 15-30+ year time frame.

Some terms from the documents:

  • APT = atomically precise technologies
  • APM = atomically precise manufacturing
  • APPN = atomically precise productive nanosystems


Technology Review on a Working Brain Model

From the article:

 “An ambitious project to create an accurate computer model of the brain has reached an impressive milestone. Scientists in Switzerland working with IBM researchers have shown that their computer simulation of the neocortical column, arguably the most complex part of a mammal’s brain, appears to behave like its biological counterpart. By demonstrating that their simulation is realistic, the researchers say, these results suggest that an entire mammal brain could be completely modeled within three years, and a human brain within the next decade.”

Guido? Can you hear me?


Jame5 now truly free and wikified

Quick update – I have removed the ‘non-commercial use’ restriction from Jame5’s license and forked it as a wiki .


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