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Google’s DeepMind is also going down the ‘imagination’ path

Just another quick self glorifying I told you so post. Wired reports that Google is also drawing on imagination as a means to improve their AI:

“What differentiates these agents is that they learn a model of the world from noisy sensory data, rather than rely on privileged information such as a pre-specified, accurate simulator. Imagination-based approaches are particularly helpful in situations where the agent is in a new situation and has little direct experience to rely on, or when its actions have irreversible consequences and thinking carefully is desirable over spontaneous action.”

More info on DeepMind’s blog.

The other AI imagination pioneer I mentioned a year back in the meantime secured $50 Mio in funding last week.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein


First comprehensive roadmap of the mammalian brain

The progress towards a fully virtualized human brain continues:

Researchers from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have published the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas, the first comprehensive, large-scale data set on how the brain of a mammal is wired, described in their paper in Nature. 

The mouse brain’s 75 million neurons are arranged in a structure roughly similar to the human brain’s approximately 100 billion neurons, so they provide a powerful model system for understanding how nerve cells of the human brain connect, process. and encode information, say Allen Institute researchers.

More here.



Hello World!

Thanks to Micha’s support the Jame5 blog is life and well. Great!

My first post on my first blog about my first book – good stuff.

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